Why am I running for STATE office?

What are the issues I'm passionate about?


Many people have asked me why I am running for state office in Maryland.

I have always been someone who wants to bring people together, to collaborate to create a better world whether it was as the Entertainment Team Advocate on-board the Disney Magic, or the Program Coordinator for First Night Annapolis, or as a teaching artist for Maryland public schools. I have spent my career advocating for children and families, advocating for arts education and arts integration having seen firsthand the transformative nature of the arts.

I am a hometown candidate, having lived in district 33 for most of my life, as a resident of Cape St. Claire, Arnold, and Crownsville. I am also a playwright, director, and teaching artist who has spent countless hours working to shine a light on social issues such as women’s independence, toxic masculinity, kindness, empathy, inclusion, and mental illness to promote communication and change. I know I am an underdog, not coming from politics or money but having spent the lion share of my life in this community I have seen it through a number of challenges and I will work relentlessly to benefit our families. I will work to not only stabilize but expand our access to affordable healthcare, including access to dental and eye care.

I will work to expand our public transportation system beyond the confines of the downtown area, to stem the increase in parking fees which have impeded locals living outside the downtown area from local tourism. I will work to expand educational access and reinstate educational autonomy so teachers can teach to their strengths and those of their students, to expand arts integration in the classroom, and to combat the rising tide of bullying by integrating empathy and communication into every aspect of the curriculum. I also want to make our communities and high traffic areas safer for pedestrians and cyclists with a combination of sidewalks, bike lanes, and crosswalks. And having grown up on the waterways of the Chesapeake Watershed, I will hold our developers as well as our leaders to maintain standards that not only promote growth but preserve our most beautiful natural resource for future generations. And I will work across district lines to partner with other civic leaders and share resources to ensure that the rights and prosperity of all our citizens including our most vulnerable communities are protected.

So in answer to those who have asked, I am running for the House of Delegates because I truly believe it is where I can do the most good for the most people.