Heather Bagnall  - Maryland State Delegate - District 33. Photo by Mark Raker.

Heather Bagnall - Maryland State Delegate - District 33. Photo by Mark Raker.

Like so many others, I felt the impact of the 2008 real estate crash and watched as my friends and neighbors struggled to hold on to their homes. In 2010 I went to work for Disney Cruise Line where, as Entertainment Cruise Staff, I had the honor of serving on multiple committees advocating to ensure we were meeting and exceeding the diverse needs of our staff, who hailed from around the world.

When I returned in 2011 I co-founded Tasty Monster Productions, a theatrical company producing original and lesser known re-envisioned works, and produced my first original show SINGLEMARRIEDGIRL, a story of a woman dealing with the struggle for independence and the loss of innocence.

Purity Grimes - A Washerwoman of Revel Grove -  Maryland Renaissance Festival

Purity Grimes - A Washerwoman of Revel Grove - Maryland Renaissance Festival

I have spent my life working in the arts, as a liaison for artists, educators, and funders, as an educator, using the tools of my trade to help children and young adults develop empathy, communication, teamwork, and self-esteem, as a performer, embodying the hearts and minds of others and speaking their truths, and most recently as a playwright, crafting my words to tell the stories which I feel must be told. I have also, from a practical standpoint been a director of multiple programs, including First Night Annapolis, Class Acts Arts and World Class Arts of Silver Spring, and The Center of the Arts and Creative Summer both at the Holton-Arms School. I've worked at schools and theatres and studios throughout the country and everywhere I have worked I've talked to people, about what they hope for, what they worry about, what they love and what they fear.

'In The Kitchen' -  Abigail McBride

'In The Kitchen' - Abigail McBride

I've seen first hand the rise in bullying and violence on school campuses and in the work place. In 2012 I wrote FERDINAND, an award-winning play inspired by the story of the bull who didn't want to fight, exploring the issues of bullying, toxic masculinity, gender stereotypes, loss, and the messages we pass on to our children.

I have continued to write, each time attempting to shine a light on a part of our community who struggle quietly unnoticed. I include these works because they represent who I am as a person and as a candidate. I have spent a lifetime watching people, looking for the struggle and crafting the solution. My career has been comprised of many jobs, all with the focus of making the lives of others better, happier, more prosperous, more joyful and more fulfilled.

If you wish to know specifics about my resume, I am happy to share but the consistent through line is that I have worked in non-profit, where you do everything often with very little, that you do it because you truly believe in what you do and why it matters in the lives of others, and where you compromise, you improvise and you make things happen without a road map because often what you do has not been done before. That is who I am as a person, that is who I will be as your representative.

'On The Beach' -  Abigail McBride

'On The Beach' - Abigail McBride