When I was in middle school, I conducting a little experiment to see how long it would take to get from my home in Arnold to the (then) Annapolis Mall. I walked to Anne Arundel Community College, which took about an hour and waited for two buses which didn't come. When at last the third bus dropped me in the parking lot, three and a half hours had gone by. That was thirty years ago, and little has improved though much has changed.

Our roads have grown more crowded, our streets more dangerous, and still we are waiting for the same sidewalks, bike paths, green spaces, and community connecting public transportation we waiting for thirty years ago.

As your Delegate, I will work to make our streets safer for our children and to connect our communities through intra-county circulator buses.

We also have a deficit of affordable housing and we have to invest in the future of our communities and keep our neighborhoods accessible to young families, the bedrock of a community. I will work to find a comprehensive solution to our over-development to get cars off the road, to encourage small, sustainable businesses within our communities, and to establish affordable housing so our residents, public servants, teachers, law enforcement, and working families can afford to work where they live and live where they work. I will also focus on transparency so all Marylanders know they have an equal voice in the development process. I will work to break the strangle-hold of development donors driving the conversation.