As a child, I spent summers on the Chesapeake Bay, coming home at twilight and taking a quick ride out on our boat, spending each weekend in a canoe exploring the swamps and wetlands or at our parks and beaches, and of course, taking two weeks "downee ocean, hon". We are unique in our environmental resources with our proximity to rivers, bay, ocean, mountains and forest. We have a booming farming community as well as a legacy of fishing, crabbing and oystering which is renowned throughout the country.

We are also leaders in the industry of development and implementation of environmental protections and clean energy technology. For the first time in decades we are receiving excellent report cards for our Chesapeake Bay water quality and as a result of the Bay renewal, we have record numbers of crabs and oysters. However we are seeing a national attack coming out of Washington which could quickly roll back protections and advancement achieved over decades.

As your Delegate, I will ensure that we not only meet but surpass our goals of 50% sustainable energy by 2030, and that we continue to invest in wind, solar, and hydroelectric power, combined with retraining to create more jobs and secure the continued employment of those working for our coal driven electricity plants.

I will work to establish inter-community public transportation to combat the growing traffic issues on our overcrowded roads and to reduce the pollution created by the increase in vehicular traffic.

I will fight for a comprehensive development plan which preserves our green spaces, and our delicate estuaries and will fight for a full ban on fracking and offshore drilling to protect our barrier islands.